Please help! #saveFaizan


Hi Friends, 

With great sorrow, I wish to bring to your immediate attention, that my 16 year old nephew has been diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia and we are making sincere efforts towards raising funds to support the medical expenses for his treatment.

My nephew, Md. Faizan is my sister’s only son. The family is currently going through great financial crisis and are not in a position to bear the expenses towards the treatment.

I am writing in to you to seek your help in raising funds towards this genuine cause. I would highly appreciate if you could send it out to your colleagues and beyond, as a fund raiser campaign.

I hereby request you to kindly help in your own capacity. Please find below the details about my nephew, his medical conditions and treatment as advised by doctors for your immediate perusal.


May Allah SWT reward you for your participation in a good cause. It is indeed evident from his words in the Al-Quran Al-Kareem…

If you are Grateful, I will give you more. Al-Quran 14:7

Indeed, the help of Allah is near. Al-Quran 2:214

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